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Every skin type tells its own story. What’s yours? Whether oilier, drier – or somewhere in between – your skin deserves a moisturizer matched to its unique needs.
Discover which one of our three Miracle Broth™-infused creams can bring more radiance to your skin’s next chapter.
The New Moisturizing Fresh Cream The New Moisturizing Fresh Cream
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Crème de la Mer Crème de la Mer
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The Crème de La Mer
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The Moisturizing Soft Cream The Moisturizing Soft Cream
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Explore travel-ready favorites packed with the cell-renewing power of Miracle Broth™.
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Blue Heart Crème de la Mer Blue Heart Crème de la Mer
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The Hydrating Infused Emulsion The Hydrating Infused Emulsion
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Why is my skin so dry even when I use a moisturizer?

Disruptions in your environment, lifestyle and skin’s natural moisture barrier can cause skin to feel dehydrated. Dry, dehydrated skin can cause skin to appear rough and flaky, and wrinkles to look more pronounced. Dehydration can happen to all skin types, including oily skin. Most people try to address this with a moisturizer but find that this does not resolve the issue.

Skin can feel dry even when you use a moisturizer because your moisture barrier is compromised, and your skin is unable to retain water. The key to resolving dry skin is using products that both hydrate and moisturize. We recommend prepping with The Treatment Lotion and The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum before applying your preferred La Mer hydrating moisturizer.

Additionally, to heal dry skin you can try a moisture wardrobing regimen to mix and match moisturizers based on seasonality and time of day:

Daily Moisture Wardrobe Regimen
Use The Moisturizing Soft Cream or The Moisturizing Fresh Cream in the AM and Crème de la Mer in the evening.

Seasonal Moisture Wardrobe Regimen
Apply The Moisturizing Fresh Cream during the summer months and Crème de la Mer and The Moisturizing Soft Cream during the drier winter seasons.

Combination Skin Moisture Wardrobe Regimen
If you feel that your skin is tighter in some areas that others, apply a richer texture such as Crème de la Mer where needed, and a lighter weight texture such as The Moisturizing Fresh Cream, to the rest of their face.

How much moisturizer should I use?

For La Mer moisturizers, we recommend taking a pea-sized amount with the spatula and then gently massage into skin. Sometimes, it can be hard to know how much moisturizer is too much, but the exact amount of moisturizer doesn’t matter as much as using the right moisturizer based on your texture preference and skin needs. La Mer has a collection of unique moisturizers that deliver transformational benefits for all skin types.

What treatment should I apply first, sunscreen or moisturizer?

To create the ideal regimen to support your skin’s needs, we recommend applying treatments in order of lightest texture to the richest texture. Sunscreen is always applied last in a skincare routine, after moisturizer and before makeup.

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