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Transform skin with face serums and face oils. Discover hydration, brightening and firming for stunning results. Discover your luxury facial serum and face oil.
Discover how to hydrate, brighten and lift the look of skin with our high-speed face serums.
From £170 / 2 Sizes
Best Seller
The Concentrate The Concentrate
From £190 / 4 Sizes
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The Regenerating Serum The Regenerating Serum
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Discover the visible youth-regenerating elixir at the heart of every La Mer product.

Best Seller
The Renewal Oil The Renewal Oil
From £150 / 2 Sizes
What is a serum?

Face serums are highly potent treatments designed to target specific skincare goals. Using concentrated ingredients, they travel deep within skin’s surface to deliver actives where you need them most. 

The beauty of these highly concentrated formulas is that they offer targeted, potent benefits tailored to your specific skincare needs—all in one step. Whether your goal is to flood your skin with soothing hydration or achieve a firmer feel and a lifted look, La Mer offers a collection of luxury serums that will unlock your skin’s potential.

If you’re searching for our most powerful luxury face serum, Genaissance de la Mer The Serum Essence is the one. Infused with Crystal Miracle Broth™—the most potent form of Miracle Broth™ crafted in small batches—this richly active serum accelerates visible renewal and transcends virtually all signs of ageing. Crafted by hand in extremely small batches, it takes the delicate care of select scientists to coax it to peak potency.

If you’re not sure where to start in your serum search, La Mer’s The Concentrate is a versatile, silky serum that infuses skin with Concentrated Miracle Broth™ to strengthen skin’s barrier,  stabilise and visibly soothe. With high-powered antioxidant protection, it helps prevent future damage before it starts.

What is the difference between a serum and a moisturiser?

One of the most common questions that comes up when considering a serum is “why do I need one if I already use a moisturiser?” Consider this analogy to understand the difference between a serum and a moisturiser: if your skincare regimen is a workout, a face serum is akin to weight training, providing targeted, concentrated benefits. A moisturiser is your cardio, helping to facilitate overall conditioning. With a balance of both, you can get targeted benefits while keeping your skin hydrated for an overall healthy look.

How can serums be used as part of an at-home facial?

The luxurious, lavish texture of serums make them ideal for at-home pampering. Wondering how to give yourself a facial at home? We recommend the following:

Double cleanse: Purify and deep cleanse skin with a makeup remover or a micellar water such as The Cleansing Micellar Water followed by the La Mer cleanser best suited to your skin type.  

Exfoliate: A potent yet gentle chemical exfoliator such as The Micro Peel or The Resurfacing Treatment clarifies pores and transforms the look of imperfections.

Mask: An at-home facial favourite, masks pamper the skin while delivering a multitude of skin-enhancing benefits. The Lifting And Firming Mask plumps skin for a lifted look over time, while The Intensive Revitalizing Mask neutralises free radicals, protecting skin against drivers of visible ageing.

Apply serum: Select a face serum specific to your skincare goals. For instance, The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum is our most effective serum for dry skin, while The Regenerating Serum diminishes the look of lines and wrinkles over time.

Moisturize & massage: Apply your favourite moisturiser to lock in hydration. Using your fingers, a roller or a gua sha, gently massage your face to help boost microcirculation.

What is face oil?

Have you ever wondered how your skin might benefit from a face oil, or asked what does face oil do? Made from a variety of oils, they help nourish skin. 

Facial oils are luxurious mixtures of oils that offer multifaceted benefits to address multiple skincare concerns. They deliver hydration, resulting in smooth, plump, radiant skin. While face moisturisers can be more specifically tailored to different skin types, luxury face oils tend to be more universal in their appeal. We recommend adding an oil like La Mer’s The Renewal Oil  to your routine to achieve the hydration your skin needs.

Because every face oil is different, be sure to read all instructions when applying. How and when to apply facial oil depends on several factors, including your unique skincare goals. The Renewal Oil can be swept over the face and neck morning and evening after cleansing and toning to deliver a healthy-looking glow. This luxurious multi-tasking treatment enriches everywhere it’s applied: face, body, nails and hair. Massage into hair, cuticles and dry areas.

Face oil vs. moisturizer: What’s the difference?

At first touch, texture is the most obvious difference. A facial oil has a rich viscosity that feels slick between your fingers due to the oil content. A face moisturiser, on the other hand, tends to have a thicker consistency if oil-based or a lighter liquidity if water based, giving you a variety of options in texture.

The other main difference between a face oil vs. face cream is how they work. Both products help hydrate skin, leading to plump, glowing skin, but they provide these benefits in different ways.

A face oil is typically considered occlusive, meaning it seals in moisture. A moisturising cream, on the other hand, often combines skin-softening emollients with water-attracting humectants. Because they work in such different ways, we recommend adding both to your everyday skincare routine.

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